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The Brief

The bright colours of the brand's prints are inspired by Victorian ornamentation and William Morris. Products include wallpaper, bed linen, dressing screens and lampshades.

House of Hackney is a luxury interiors label. The London based brand specialises in interior goods and they’re known for their bold floral prints. House of Hackney’s maximalist style and over-the-top Victorian designs fuses old and new whilst striking a timeless balance.


House of Hackney approached SOtechnology in late 2019 to discuss the migration of their global e-commerce site. The website had been sat on Magento 1 for almost a decade and at this point was struggling to keep pace with the

My role as Lead Designer on the project was to create a concise and future-proofed design system that they could take forward and develop the site as new products and services arose.


A custom front end design that delivered a simple and easy to use customer-first experience. With a complex logic based on how the company works out its pricing all of which is built into the custom module – but hidden from the end-user allowed for a straightforward and seamless experience when placing orders online.

My role included designing an effective design system for creating new content pages using Magento’s page builder functionality alongside some easy to use templates and modules.

Design Thinking process

The ideation phase allowed us to understand our target audience and their problems.

Each page was mapped out allowing the client to realise the primary goal of the page.

Ideation of Design

The ideation phase allowed us to understand our target audience and their problems. By brainstorming and

Initial ideas brainstormed during the early stages of the project.

Creating a Design System

By designing master templates of all possible content widgets and making it easy for House of Hackney staff to duplicate and edit when creating new content pages. We utilised Magento’s Pagebuilder features alongside simple custom CSS styles to create unique content that is easy to edit and maintain.

Exporting a design system kept key pages on brand and consistent throughout the design stage.

A Mobile First Design Process

“Progressive Advancement”

My role in this project was of the UI/UX designer. Focusing on a mobile-first design helped to deliver the right user experience to the right device.

Working with a Progressive Advancement in mind, meaning designing for mobile users first the most basic functions & features were always the primary focus. When the designs moved to desktop the visuals were able to take onboard interactions and more complicated effects for a better user experience.

Delivering the final prototype

Final visuals were approved with only minor changes needed to the customer quote builder before moving on the build. Once in the build stage, my role was to supply all assets and imagery to the dev team exporting the visuals through InVision.


With the site so recently going live I’m yet to see any analytical results but it has been a very well ran project and on budget from design through to launch with the client in a position to substantially grow their market share.